DJ ALIAS 1984 DJ WUPPIE 1984 Dance Track Mp3 and Arrangement Files for Yamaha XG or Reason 4 and later.

622 times 2 = 1244 files in Database.

Public use fully allowed for derivative work without notice. This music is Royalty Free.

These are Reason 4 or later files created in the beginning of the new Millenium Decade.
You are free to use these files in mp3 or Reason 4 or later files for Internet.
These files are free for Youtube, Liveleak, Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud, Wikipedia.
This way you are sure you use music that is licensed under a Creative Common License.
There is no charge to use any of this music at Internet for your video or any other art.

In case of commercial use on radio or television you shall mention the name:

On the internet nothing is required to use these files.
This means you don't have to mention the source at the internet.

Thank you! Regards DJ Wuppie 1984 (DJ Alias 1984)

Sources starting with reject are failure.

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